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Improving Quality Of Life... Naturally!

Island's Miracle® is founded on providing a better quality of life for you our customers who use our products..

Should I, or shouldn’t I…

In 2009 I was deciding on a new business.  As I researched the vitamin industry, I asked myself, “Does the world really need another vitamin supplement company?”

As I dug into the vitamins on the mass market, it became clear to me that the answer to my question was, “Yes!!” – with at least two exclamation points.

Quality is our standard.

I started Islands Miracle with the intention of raising the quality bar in the supplement industry because my early research uncovered a big need for quality. Some companies said their formulas helped customers lose weight, feel more energetic and stay healthy, but their ingredients’ lists said otherwise.

There were vitamins with inferior active ingredients at the lowest levels, so they couldn’t be as good as their marketing. This told me that some companies just wanted to make money and didn’t care about being around for a long time.

Islands Miracle is in it for the long haul.

That’s why my team sources the best natural ingredients and our manufacturers use certified good manufacturing practices, which is the FDA-approved standard.

We also explore alternative ways of doing things, because we may be able to get better results for our customers.

Research is part of our culture.

If we find better ways to support our customers’ health, we do it. That’s why we have a water-soluble CoQ10 ubiquinol supplement that’s super absorbable and a high potency probiotic that doesn’t need refrigeration.  

Every time Islands Miracle takes a step forward in supplement innovation, we re-set the expectations of what quality and effectiveness are. Because we’re committed to continue to raise the bar, we intend to drive the development of highly effective nutritional formulas to help you be healthy and live joyfully.

We care about results.

My parents were ahead of their time – growing up I took daily vitamins to keep me healthy, along with herbs like Echinacea to strengthen my immunity during flu season. I still use vitamins to manage my health, and so does my family.

When you choose Islands Miracle know that when we formulate our products, every one of us know that our families use our products to stay healthy. We put every bit of the love and care that we feel for our family’s health into our supplements to get the best possible results for them – and you.  

To help you fine-tune your vitamin use, we have customer support specialists who are trained to help you use them as a tool to live a vibrant life. Our nutritionist helps us formulate high-quality products and develop educational materials so you can know more about how to stay healthy.

We also have a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if you try something that you’re not happy with – just call us and we’ll make it right.

Thank you.

I appreciate you wanting to learn more about Islands Miracle and our products. If there’s anything that we can do to help you improve your life with supplements, please let us know.