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Probiotics 30 Billion CFU's & 18 Strains Supplement

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Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics with 30 Billion CFU’s & 18 Strains of Probiotic

Maximize digestive and immune health to feel great with a potent, new probiotic formula

Drugs that address digestion are everywhere. There are over-the-counter and doctor prescribed remedies for acid reflux, gas, diarrhea and constipation – and most only address one issue.

If you’re tired of letting your digestive problems weigh you down – or you simply want to strengthen your digestion and immune system to feel healthy and energetic – a high potency probiotic may be your best solution.

Ultra-30 Probiotics has 18 different strains of probiotic to help solve many issues

Because each probiotic strain has a different purpose. Islands Miracle includes 18 to cover a number of health and digestive issues. Our nutritionist formulated Ultra-30 to help:

  • Reduce gas, bloating, cramping and other IBS symptoms with B. coagulans.
  • bifidum helps increase immune function, decrease inflammation.
  • The most widely researched strain, L. acidophilus helps fight off infections, increases the absorption of nutrients, helps enhance immunity and decrease allergy symptoms.
  • And, 13 more strains to strengthen the health-boosting action of Ultra-30.

We include a high level of probiotic -- 30 billion CFUs – to help populate the gut and balance the intestinal environment to ensure proper nutrient absorption. When your body absorbs nutrients from food and supplements, it helps optimize health, as well as healthy digestive function.

Ultra-30 is super convenient because it doesn’t need refrigeration

Our quality probiotic formula adds another level of convenience because unlike other probiotics, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated! So, you don’t have to rush to find a refrigerator when you take Islands Miracles Ultra-30 to the office or on an extended flight.

Islands Miracle is committed to finding ways to improve the effectiveness and quality of our supplements:

  • We do extensive research to:
    • Find the most effective natural ingredients.
    • Determine the level of potency that offers the best results.
  • We source the best quality active ingredients for our supplements.
  • Our manufacturers use certified good manufacturing procedures to ensure purity.

And the Islands Miracle 100% MoneyBack Guarantee allows you to try our products risk free.

If you’ve wanted to improve your digestion and immune health to live healthier and feel better, try Islands Miracle Ultra-30 today.

Remember, trying Ultra-30 is risk-free because you’re covered by our 100% MoneyBack Guarantee.

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Q. Where are your products manufactured?

A. All of our products are manufactured in the United States through a third party manufacturer that follows industry best practices and quality control testing. This gives us the control needed to provide you with the highest quality products on the market.

Q. What happens if the product doesn't work for me?

A. We have a 100% Money back Guarantee, which means if the product doesn't seem to help improve your health, give us a call. We’ll put you in touch with one of our on-staff nutritionists to help you meet your goals. If the product still isn’t working for you, you can exchange it for another product or return it for a refund.